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1。They are going to have the serviceman _____ an electric fan in the office tomorrow。

A。 install

B. to install

百家乐技巧C。 to be installed

D. installed

[译文] 他们准备让勤杂工明天在办公室安装一台电扇。

答案为A. 本题是一道语法测试题。我们知道使役动词,have、let、make后面的动词不定式作宾语时,应省略to,本句由应有have sb. do sth. 故我们选A)项。

2.We drive our car fast and soon _____ other cars on the road.

A。 oversee

B. overtake

C. overrun

D. override




3.Whenever we visited them, they _____ television.

百家乐技巧A. have watched

B. watch

C。 are watching

D. were watching




4.Mr. Washington has been away from home for a long time. He is looking forward to _____ his wife.

A. hear from

B. hearing from

C。 hear of

D. hearing of



【注释】look forward to后面要求跟动词-ing形式。要求跟-ing形式的结构还有:feel like, can't help, it's no use, have trouble, there's no等。

5。He preferred that nothing _____ be said about his generous gifts。

A. to

B. would

C。 must

D。 should




6.The great use of a school education is _____ to teach you things _____ teach you the art of learning.

A. as much…as

B. much as…as

C. not so much…as to

D. much more…as



【注释】not so much... as...“与其说……不如说……”。注意as前后的两个成分必须对等,可以是名词、不定式或介词短语,如His success is not so much by talent as by energy.。

7。Whenever we visited them, they _____ television。

A. have watched

B. watch

C。 are watching

D。 were watching

答案: D



8.We drive our car fast and soon _____ other cars on the road.

A. oversee

B. overtake

C。 overrun

D. override

答案: B



9.The epidemic(流行病)was made worse when top leaders tried to hide the _____ of the disaster and present its impact as slight.

A。 scale

B。 rank

C. range

D. Having spoken of

答案:A)。考查名词的语义辨析。根据句意可判断这儿应填入表示“范围,程度”意思的词,由此可排除选项B)rank(职衔;地位,社会阶层)和选项D)limit(限度,限制)。选项C)range表示“变动范围,变化幅度”,如:The speech covered a wide range of topics.这次演讲涵盖了一系列话题。The subject is outside my range.这个题目超出我所学范围。显然选项C)不符合句意。选项A) scale规模,程度,大小,如:They are preparing for war on:large scale.他们正在为战争做大规模的准备。从原文来看,选项A)scale符合题意。全句的意思是“当上层领导试图掩盖流行病的规模并轻视其影响时灾难变得更加严重了”。

10.Since the issue was extremely _____, we dealt with it immediately.

百家乐技巧A. resistant

B. intense

C. urgent

D. instant

答案:C)。考查形容词语义。各选项的意思是:选项A)resistant抵制的,抵抗的;选项B)intense强烈的,剧烈的;选项C)urgent紧急的,紧要的;选项D) instant立即的,即刻的。根据题意可判断选项C)应为正确答案。全句的意思为“由于问题极其紧急,我们立刻进行了处理”。

11。The above mentioned reactions are ______ to proceed smoothly。

A. bounded

B。 bounding

C.being bounded

D. bound

【答案】: D


【注释】be bound to (do)“必定,一定,准会”。bounding“有约束力的”。

12.The meeting drew to a ______ late in the afternoon.

A. near

B. close

C. point

D. tail

【答案】: B


【注释】draw/come to a close/to an end“快要结束”,draw用一般过去时表示“结束”,用进行式表示“将近结束”。

13。From his appearance we may safely _____ that he is a heavy smoker。

A. condemn

B. condense

C. conclude

D. conduct

【答案】: C


百家乐技巧【注释】conclude (from sth) that。。。“(从……)断定或得出结论……”。condemn“谴责,指责”。可以说condense sth into/from。。。 to“把……压缩、浓缩为……;把……从……精简、精炼为……”,后面不能跟从句。conduct“进行,引导,带领”。

14.Someone must have left the tap on, _____ the water was running over and flooding the bathroom.

A。 therefore

B. for

C. nevertheless

D. moreover

【答案】: B



15.They see you as something of a worrier, _____problems which don’t exist and crossing bridges long before you come to them.

A。 settling

B. discovering

C。 seeing

D. designing

百家乐技巧【答案】C。 see(=to form a picture of sb。 or sth。 in the mind)表示“能预见;能想像出”。seeing problems…在句中作定语,修饰a worrier,表示“他是能预见困难,并能在困难到来之前就找到出路的人”。

百家乐技巧16.We have to _____ the wheat as soon as possible because a storm is on the way.?

A。 get away

百家乐技巧B。 get across?

C。 get through

D。 get in

【答案】D。 句意:暴风雨就要来了,我们得尽快地把麦子收起来。get away离开;去度假;get across (to sb。)使(某事)传播或为人理解;get through到达;与某人(通过电话)联系;get through (to sth。)进入下一段比赛;get through (to sb。)与人沟通;get (sth。) in收集/收获某物;设法做/说某事。

17.John was late for the business meeting because his flight had been _____ by a heavy storm.

A. kept

B. stopped?

C。 slowed

百家乐技巧D。 delayed

【答案】D. 考查动词delay的用法。be late for意为“迟到”,因此根据句意,航班应该是受到“耽搁,延误”,故选D项。

百家乐技巧18。It's ten years since the scientist _____ on his life's work of discovering the valuable chemical。

A. made for

百家乐技巧B. set out?

百家乐技巧C。 took off

D。 turned up

【答案】B. 句意:自从这位科学家开始从事发现有价值的化学品的工作以来,已经十年了。make for前往;take off起飞;脱下;匆匆离开;turn up出现;查(字典);开大(声音)。

19.Hospital staff burst into cheers after doctors completed a 20-hour operation to have _____ one-year-old twins at the head.?

百家乐技巧A。 isolated

B。 separated

C. divided

D。 removed

【答案】B. isolate使……孤立;separate把……分开(原来不是整体);divide把整体分成部分;remove把……移开。

20。I don't _____ rock 'n' roll。 It's much too noisy for my taste。?

A. go after

百家乐技巧B. go away with?

C。 go into

D. go in for

【答案】D。 go in for喜欢;go after追求;go away with随身带走;go into从事,参加

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