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Human Resources Policy

CBA Bank was the largest financial institution to sign the employers' 'People Come First' code of practice in the early 1990s. In doing so, it committed itself to the highest (0) in human resources practices such as the communication of company(19)....... to employees, the setting of individual training and personal (20).......plans, and the holding of regular performance (21)....... for all staff.

Like other organisations, CBA is replacing the traditional hierarchy with a flatter organisational structure which gives employees more broadly defined (22) .......within the company. The change is offering employees greater opportunities for work in cross-disciplinary project teams. As a result, interpersonal (23) ....... are extremely important.

The policy seems to be working. There is a great deal of goodwill among employees, who (24).......the fact that customer satisfaction is the organisation's chief aim. CBA claims to pursue this aim for its own (25)....... , rather than as a means of earning profits for shareholders.

An ability to relate to all kinds of people is the most important attribute CBA looks for in (26).......recruits. Graduates are (27)....... for a two-year period and exposed to all (28)....... of retail financial services. By the end of this training period, they will have taken their Institute of Banking examination and, if they have (29)....... their performance targets, they will have (30)....... a job at the bank.

百家乐技巧'On the whole, we are not looking for people straight out of college,' says human resources manager Maiy Kemp. 'We would prefer that they had (31).......some experience of life and had taken a year out between school and college to travel or do some kind of work.'

The company has recently introduced a new policy on pay, and it is now (32).......to performance through bonus schemes, with the objective being to (33) ....... employees for their achievements and effort.

19 A designs B purposes C ends D objectives

20 A continuation B extension C development D advancement

21 A reviews B trials C revisions D judgements

22 A capacities B parts C roles D elements

百家乐技巧23 A abilities B talents C assets D skills

24 A recommend B honour C respect D obey

25A sake B reason C behalf D cause

26 A expected B intended C potential D eventual

27 A taken on B written in C put on D drawn in

28 A fields B areas C regions D parts

29 A arrived B done C passed D met

30 A secured B reached C confirmed D fixed

31 A gained B won C earned D realised

32 A attached B linked C combined D joined

33 A return B reward C recompense D refund

百家乐技巧《Human Resource Policy》,人力资源政策。主要是讲的CBA银行的人力资源政策,。先简单介绍了这个银行的管理结构,是扁平化的组织结构(flatter organizational structure),而不是等级制公司(hierarchy)。总体原则是不招应届的刚出校门的毕业生,而要有一定的生活经验或者是工作经验。

第19、20、21题,这几空都是举例说明前面提到的human resources practices。19空是说的将公司的发展目标传达给员工。公司目标,用objective。purpose是指具体做某件事情的意图。这里有必要区分一下objective和purpose,看英文解释。

百家乐技巧purpose: the reason you do something, and the thing you want to achieve when you do it

objective: something that you are working hard to achieve, especially in business or politics

第20题,个人培训和发展计划的制定。个人发展计划,personal development plans,选C。

第21题,定期的表现回顾。用review。hold在这个句子里是举行的意思。the holding of regular performance review,定期举行员工的表现回顾。

第22题,说扁平化的组织结构可以给员工更加定义广泛的角色。broadly defined roles,选C。

第23题,人际交往技巧是很重要的。interpersonal skills,是地道的说法。参见一个例句:you will need good interpersonal skills。

第24题,这一句的意思很好理解,是说员工们越来越看重或者说是承认一个事实:顾客的满意是组织的主要目标。recommend是推荐、建议,后面不接the fact(事实),honour是敬重,obey是遵守,这里应该选择respect。respect这里是重视或者接受的意思,看英英词典上的解释:to accept that something which is established or formally agreed is right or important and not to attempt to change it or harm it。所以这一空应该选择respect the fact,表示接受这个事实。

第25题,CBA银行追求这个目的是为着自己的利益,而不是为股东挣利润的工具。for the sake of something 或 for something's sake:for the purpose of; in the interest of; in order to achieve or preserve 为了…目的;为了…的利益;为了。。。固定用法,选A。

第26题,寻找潜在的新成员。地道的词是potential,比如potential recruits, potential staff, potential candidates.

第27题,考察的是短语take on的一个用法,雇佣:If you take someone on, you employ them to do a job.;write in:to write a letter to a newspaper, television company or other organization, to state an opinion or ask something以群众来信的形式表达的意见。


第29题,完成目标,met the targets。

百家乐技巧第30题,完成了目标就可以得到工作。secure:to get possession of; acquire:

百家乐技巧第31题,招的人已经具有了一定的生活经验。gain:to obtain something that is useful, that gives you an advantage, or that is in some way positive, especially over a period of time

eg: After you've gained some experience teaching abroad you can come home and get a job。

第32题,薪酬现在和业绩挂钩。link to,联系。

第33题,reward sb。奖励某人。reward employees for their achievements and effort,因为功劳而奖励员工。

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