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There is one difference between the sexes on which virtually every expert and study agree:men are more aggressive than women。It shows up in 2-year-olds。It continues through school days and persists into adulthood。It is even constant across cultures。And there is little doubt that it is rooted in biology in the male sex hormone testosterone。

If there's a feminine trait that's the counterpart of male aggressiveness,it's what social scien-tists awkwardly refer to as"nurturance".Feminists have argued that the nurturing nature of women is not biological in origin,but rather has been drummed into women by a society that wanted to keep them in the home.But the signs that it is at least partly inborn are too numerous to ignore.Just as tiny infant girls respond more readily to human faces,female toddlers learn much faster than males how to pick up nonverbal cues from others.And grown women are far more adept than men at interpreting facial expressions:A recent study by University of Pennsylvania brain researcher Ru-ben Gur showed that they easily read emotions such as anger,sadness and fear.The only such e-motion men could pick up was disgust.

What difference do such differences make in the real world?Among other things,women appear to be somewhat less competitive--or at least competitive in different ways--than men.At the Harvard Law School,for instance,female students enter with credentials just as outstanding as those of their male peers.But they don't qualify for the prestigious Law Review in proportionate numbers,a fact some school officials attribute to women's discomfort in the incredibly competitive atmosphere.

Students of management styles have found fewer differences than they expected between men and women who reach leadership positions,perhaps because many successful women deliberately imitate masculine ways。But an analysis by Purdue social psychologist Alice Eagly of 166 studies of leadership style did find one consistent difference:Men tend to be more“autocratic”-making decisions on their own--while women tend to consult colleagues and subordinates more often。Studies of behavior in small groups turn up even more differences。Men will typically domi-nate the discussion,says University of Toronto psychologist Kenneth Dion,spending more time talking and less time listening。

1、It can be inferred from the passage that the writer_________.

A.denies the difference sexes make in real life

B。is prejudiced against men

C.discourages women to be competitive

D.treats sex difference objectively



2、The Harvard Law School example in paragraph 3 suggests that_________.

A.women are not as competitive as men

百家乐技巧B.law is not the fight profession for women

百家乐技巧C.women are as excellent as men when they are young

D。academic credentials are disproportionate to performance


参考解析:主旨题。该段的主旨句是第二句“…women appear to be somewhat less competitive…”,该句提出了“女性在竞争力方面不如男性”的观点,后文所举例证即是为了证明这一观点。故选A。

百家乐技巧3、Which of the following is true of women's nurturing nature according to the passage?

A.It is not inborn in any sense.

B.It is inspired by women's families.

百家乐技巧C.It is caused by social prejudice.

D。It is partly biological in origin。


参考解析:细节题.由第二段第三句“But the signs that it is at least partly inborn are too numerous to ignore.”可知,女性的这个特征有先天方面的原因.故选D.

百家乐技巧4、The passage mainly discusses__________.

A.how sex differences are demonstrated in social relations

B。how hormone determines sex differences

C.why there are differences between males and females

D.why men and women have different social roles



5、Which of the following statement is tree according to paragraph 4?

百家乐技巧A.Men leaders should consult colleagues and subordinates more often.

B.Female leaders'success is due to their imitating male leaders.

C.Men and women are different in their leadership style.

D.Decisiveness is an important quality for a successful politician.


百家乐技巧参考解析:判断题.由文章第四段最后一句“Men tend to more…mote often.”可知,男性比较专断而女性则喜欢和同事商量再做决定.从而看出男女在管理方式上的差异.故选C.






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